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What is the difference between the Covid-19 tests from Abbott and Roche?

Question from Perry: Which antibody test(COVID-19) is best to order? The one from Abbott or the one from Roche? What is the difference?

Answer: the Roche antibody test looks very broadly and also picks up antibodies from 10 days after infection. A good test to see if you have had corona (total of IgA, IgM and igG).

The Abbott only looks at the long-lasting IgG antibodies, so if you are sure you were sick a month ago and want to see if you have built up antibodies then choose the Abbott antibody test. This will tell you if the short-term antibodies have converted to the long-term IgG antibodies (called seroconversion). This test is used to see how the long lasting antibodies develop and if you are still protected, so to monitor your immunity.


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