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Improve health?

Requesting a lab test without a doctor

Specialist in lab research for individuals

blood test without a doctor's referral blood value test

Blood test without referral by a doctor

You can choose which test you want to have done. The test is anonymous and you will only receive the results by email.

needle sticks close to your address blood test

Prick stations no more than 15 km from your address

After your order, you will receive an invitation for blood collection at one of the many blood collection stations up to 15 km from your home or work.

tailor made blood test

Tailored blood test

You can put together the test of your choice in the webshop. By combining separate tests you can create your own test.

What can we do for you?

We offer medical research that is related to human health. We want to give you insight in your health so you can take control. When you have your blood tested we will make sure that you receive the results in PDF format on your email. We are committed to privacy and offer detailed explanations and the opportunity to ask for advice from one of our medical or experiential experts.

Why choose us?

  • Blood Value Test never passes on your results to an insurer and/or (primary) physician.
  • You can compile your own (blood) test on our website.
  • Blood sampling in the neighborhood, no more than 15 km from your home or work.
  • Blood samples are taken by professionals.
  • You will receive prepaid medical shipping materials.
  • You will receive your results in PDF format by email.

The analyses are carried out by an official hospital laboratory, so you can always take the results to your own GP.

How does it work?

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Choose your research

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Receive your research by post



Choose a blood collection centre near you and have your blood taken

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Get your blood taken by professionals

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Receive your lab report with explanation in a PDF by mail



Improve your blood values for better health

optimize sports performance blood value test

Optimize your sports performance

These tests are designed to help you achieve better sports performance.

track health risks on blood test

Detect health risks

Test packages for everyone who is conscious of his or her health.

getting enough from food blood test

Are you getting enough from your diet?

Testing for food intolerance, vitamins, minerals, parasites and fungi.

Who are we?

15 years of experience in Preventive Health Research and Diagnostics

Ellen van Gijsel is the founder of Bloodtesting. She gained her experience with health examinations for companies such as Philips and ASML, at schools and municipalities in 2003 at HumanCapitalCare arbo- en gezondheidsdienst.

In 2009, she became director of Diagnostics Netherlands, a collaboration between all major general practitioners laboratories in the Netherlands. At the U- Diagnostics laboratory in Utrecht, she was responsible for blood testing at GPs. Until she founded Blood Values Test for individuals in 2013.

In the meantime, Bloodtesting.nl has grown into a true community. For people who want to take control of their own health.

Team photo taken at C'park Bata in Best

Our partners

Robbert Wolters blood test

Robbert Wolters

Expertise for strength athletes

Ellen Tiben blood test

Ellen Tiben

Expert in Thyroid Problems

Miro Vermeeren blood value test

Miro Vermeeren

Team Miro Health Checks for strength athletes

Dr. Erwteman blood test

Dr. Th. Erwteman

Telephone contact with an internist

Jenaida van Wijk

Advice on hormones and health and fertility

Ashwyn Schotborg

Health doctor for Sport, Nutrition and Hormones

Judith Rolf

Nutrition advice and explanation

know all about Food Intolerance

Hajo Auwerda blood test

Hajo Auwerda

B12 clinic

Know all about Vitamin B12 deficiency

Izak Riedijk blood test

Izak Riedijk

Naturopathic treatment of infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders

Dr. Schantl blood value test

Dr. Ing. Julia Schantl

Orthomolecular colon therapist

Know all about the RP colonoscopy

Dennis Spronk blood test

Dennis Spronk

Experiential InsideTracker. Offers help with Vegan sports

Do you?

Would you like to work with us? Don't hesitate, let us know!


(085) 065 37 47

Our laboratory partners

Lab Dr. Stein &


This specialized medical laboratory works for more than 20 hospitals. With more than 20 medical specialists and 600 employees, it is one of the 3 largest laboratories in the EU.

RP Sanitas


This laboratory has a great deal of expertise in intestinal research and orthomolecular testing.

Normally this lab only works through orthomolecular doctors.

Igene we love life photo



The DNA tests of iGene are performed in the genetic laboratory of Erasmus MC. We are an official partner for this only Dutch DNA test.

What others say about us

Top system!

Good price, fast delivery and almost immediately able to prick. Top arrangement! Also quickly the results with clear explanations!

Jimi, 19 years old


Had a problem for a long time, but the doctor didn't think it was necessary to have a blood test done. I did it myself via a blood test and found the cause! Top that this exists!

Mieke, 45 years

Fast service

Really top fast clear and neatly arranged! Yesterday I received my order and today I had my blood tested!

Frits, 48 years

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Some of our products

Medical Check-up

General blood test

  • € 158,-

    € 87,-

    medical check-up blood value test
    This complete medical check-up compares your blood on 25 points with the applicable references for a healthy person of your gender and age.


    TSH, Free T4 and FT3

  • € 69,-

    € 59,-

    thyroid blood test

    You are tired... you would prefer to lie in bed and sleep. your body feels stiff and rigid and moving hurts. Your mood is depressed or changes quickly. You feel rushed and sleep poorly.

    Flex Challenge

    Blood tests for power athletes

  • € 169,-

    € 167,-

    flex challenge blood test

    Getting your blood checked regularly is a must for any serious athlete.

    This test is specially formulated for strength athletes, bodybuilders and MMA Fighters.