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Without referral by a doctor

The service provided by Bloodvaluesentest.co.uk is at your own expense.
You need to check if preventive testing is covered by your supplementary insurance. If you have your blood tested by your doctor, it will be deducted from your own risk, so you will also have to pay yourself, but at Bloodtesting.nl you can decide for yourself what you want to have tested. Many doctors do not allow more extensive testing, because the health insurance company does not approve it (too expensive). But what stops you from taking matters into your own hands for the most important thing you own? Your health!

In the Netherlands, preventive testing is not routinely reimbursed by the basic insurance, provided it is a population-based study.
See this link to see if your health insurance company will reimburse you:

Your general practitioner is not permitted to carry out the test at your request without there being a medical necessity for doing so. In addition, the blood tests performed by the laboratory will be charged to your deductible. In 2015, this is at least €375, but sometimes €850. So you often end up paying for the tests yourself.

Tests through your doctor also require more actions. Making an appointment by phone, going to the family doctor, asking for the tests you would like to do and hoping he agrees, going to the blood collection point, calling about a week later for the results or going to the family doctor again for the results. With Bloodtesting.nl this is limited to a visit to the blood collection point and you will often receive the results by e-mail within a week, with a clear explanation.

Your results do not go to anyone else; therefore, they do not go to your primary care physician. We only work with certified laboratories that also work for general practitioners. The results are coordinated in the Netherlands, so if you have deviating test results you can easily print them out and discuss them with your doctor later if necessary.
It is also possible for a clinical chemist, at your request, to have an intercollegiate consultation with your primary care physician in response to your result.

Blood test is meant for preventive research; if you really have complaints, please see your doctor.
vanhove hilaire

vanhove hilaire

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I have been suffering from electromagnetic radiation for +-12 years. I am desperate for a blood analysis that can show the smog in my blood.

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