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How does it work?

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Choose your blood test

Bloodtesting.nl offers over 250 different laboratory tests. We have already filtered these for you in a number of different categories. Bloodtesting.nl also has a search bar in which you can search for specific blood values. When the test has been ordered the following steps will follow.

Receive your takeaway kit

When you have ordered a laboratory test at Bloodtesting.nl, you will receive your blood collection kit the next working day by mail. You don't need to be at home to receive it, it fits through the mailbox.

With the blood collection kit you can go to one of the blood collection points in your neighbourhood to have your blood taken. You will receive the necessary material for your examination, a letter explaining how to send the blood by post and the (pre-paid) shipping material (according to the legal guidelines) for returning the blood to the laboratory.

Blood samples in your area

You will receive a letter for the relevant lab technician(s) and the opening hours of the prick point by email. If you would like a different lancing point than the one we have suggested, please email info@bloodtesting.nl or call 085-065 37 47.

Bloodtesting has many sampling points throughout the Netherlands, so you can always have blood drawn no more than 15 km from your home and/or work. The blood is always taken by professionals.

Send your blood

You need to put the envelope with the tubes in the mail the same day, before the delivery time. Simply put it in your orange mailbox or at a PostNL collection point. Do not send it by post on a Friday, the blood will then take too long to arrive. On warm or very cold days, deposit as close as possible to the time of emptying.

Keep the blood at room temperature and the urine in the refrigerator until the time of shipment.

Receive your results within 1 week

You will receive the results of (almost) all laboratory tests within 1 week. These results will be sent to you by mail in a PDF file.

If the result of a test is extremely low or high and immediate medical intervention is required, you will be contacted for consultation before receiving the results. Other abnormal values are indicated with an arrow up for a high value and/or an arrow down for a low value. A urine and/or blood test remains a snapshot, sometimes it is wise to repeat the tests after a month, which can be improved. In case of medical complaints you should always consult your doctor.

Improve your health

After you have received and read the results, you will naturally want to ensure that your health is optimal as soon as possible. It is then important that your blood values are optimal.

We also offer a wide range of aftercare services in addition to the laboratory tests. We have among others: physicians, doctors, hormone coaches, sports coaches, nutrition coaches and the like.



Bloodvalue Test never gives your results to the insurance company or the doctor. You will receive the blood tubes at the address you provided, they have a barcode that communicates with your test, but it is not traceable by anyone what is being tested, only by the lab system. The results will be sent only to the email address you provide. You can also place the order under another name, but do not change your date of birth, because the results are related to your gender and age.

Shopping Cart.

Always fill in your date of birth and gender, because the reference values of the results depend on it.

Select country:

- NL costs for blood collection at the prick station: On your order, the "shipping costs" of €21.90 will be charged. This is the total order cost for; shipping blood collection kit with the pre-sticked tubes, blood collection by authorized employee, pre-stamped envelope for sending the blood to the lab, report and explanation including V.A.T.

- NL shipping costs no blood collection: If you request only urine or stool samples, or can take care of the blood collection yourself, you can choose this option. You will then pay €4 for shipping. You must make this choice under 'country' when you place the order.

Do not order for several people at once

You can not order for multiple people in one order, the report is made depending on gender and age and is always personal. If you want to buy a test for multiple people you have to checkout your shopping cart 2 times separately.

Of course, blood sampling costs must also be paid per person.

E-health dashboard

It is also possible to monitor your blood values with InsideTracker