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Do I necessarily have to do the What Can I Eat prescreening first?

Question from Amanda: "Hello, I have not yet done a basic screening 'what can I eat' with you, but I already know from previous research and experience that I do not tolerate certain foods well, such as dairy and gluten. I am now specifically interested in whether I can tolerate (gluten-free) oats. As a substitute, I now eat bread based on seeds, kernels, flaxseed, chia and oats. Although that is very tasty and has much more nutritional value than most other gluten-free breads (which mainly contain a lot of starch), it does seem to give me intestinal problems. I would therefore like to order the test for grains and nuts immediately. Is that possible? Yes, this is possible. We test IgG 1t / m 3. and need 2 serum tubes for this.

Answer: This is not a problem, by not doing a prescreening we make the assumption that the food intolerance is in IgG1 to 3 and not in IgG4. In this case 2 blood serum tubes are sufficient.

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