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Should we discover results that require immediate medical follow-up, we will contact you before sending you the results. If you still have questions after the results, you can request a consultation with e.g. an internist or a physician for a verbal explanation. However, some disorders cannot be detected by laboratory analysis. Therefore, it is better to visit your doctor or specialist in case of complaints.

Comments from people who have gone before you

Jimi, 19 years old

Good price, fast delivery and almost immediately able to prick. Top arrangement! Also quickly the results with clear explanations!

Mieke, 45 years

Had a problem for a long time, but the doctor didn't think it was necessary to have a blood test done. I did it myself via a blood test and found the cause! Top that this exists!

Patriek, 48 years

Really top fast clear and neatly arranged! Yesterday I received my order and today I had my blood tested!

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