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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to serve you as best we can.

If you're not quite sure about something or still have a question, chances are your question is among our frequently asked questions found below.

Ordering research

1. How should I order a test?

You add the test you want to order to your shopping cart and then click on your cart and continue the checkout process.

2. How old do you have to be to order a test?

Anyone aged 18 years or older may take a blood test. For children under 18 please contact us by phone (085 - 065 37 47) or by mail (info@bloodtesting.nl)

3. Can I order for several people at once?

No, you can not order for multiple people in one order, the report is made depending on gender and age and is always personal. If you want to buy a test for multiple people you will have to checkout your shopping cart 2 times separately.
Also, of course, per person blood sampling costs must be paid.

4. Is it anonymous?

Bloodvalue Test never gives your results to the insurance company or the doctor. You will receive the blood tubes at the address you provided, they have a barcode that communicates with your test, but it is not traceable by anyone what is being tested, only by the lab system. The results will be sent only to the email address you provide. You can also place the order under another name, but do not change your date of birth, because the results are related to your gender and age.

5. I have ordered a test, what to do next?

You will receive the examination kit within a few business days of your order. In the meantime, you will be linked to a lancing center by our appointments office.

6. I ordered a test but I want to cancel it, is that possible?

Yes, you can cancel your order. If you send an email with the email address you used to place the order we will contact you for a suitable solution.

7. I want to order a test without taking blood samples, how do I order?

You order in almost the same way, only when filling in the address data under the heading 'country:*' you select 'NL shipping costs no blood collection'. Then you can complete your order in the usual way.

Blood sampling

8. I have ordered a test and it has already arrived, how and when can I have a blood test?

You will receive a referral letter for a lancing centre in your neighbourhood. The opening hours are also mentioned. It is best to take blood samples from Monday to Thursday inclusive.

9. Do I need to be sober during the test?

Most tests do not require you to be sober. If you need to be completely sober, it will be stated with the test.
If your blood values are good, they will be good even if you are not sober.

If you want to be on the safe side, for an optimal result with regard to;
cholesterol (fat profile) and
liver function
then we have the following dietary advice for you:

Starting the evening before your appointment, do not have coffee after 11:00 pm and no dairy products (such as milk, buttermilk or yogurt). No fried foods and no alcoholic beverages. For breakfast and/or lunch, have a maximum of 2 slices of wholemeal bread spread with, for example, low-fat meat products, without butter. Drink water or tea without milk or sugar. Do not eat sweets, fruit or dairy products.

10. My tubes are dirty?

The tubes have a special coating to prepare the blood so that it stays in good condition during shipping. In the hospital the tubes do not need this coating, that's why the tubes look different.

11. Should I stop taking supplements before the shot?

In the blood, the vitamin or mineral level is measured at that moment, regardless of whether it came in through food or supplements.

You can measure a vitamin balance without or with supplements.

If you want to know whether you make enough yourself and get enough from your diet do the test after you have taken no supplements for several weeks. For Vitamin B12 at least one month.

If want to know if your levels are getting high enough from the supplements, or maybe have gotten too high, which can also be dangerous for some blood levels,

you can do the test at the time you are taking your standard diet and supplements.

12. I took a blood sample, now what?

You put the tubes filled with blood in the provided medical mailing material and put it in the mail. You can do this in your orange mailbox or you can drop it off at a PostNL collection point. You don't have to stamp the mail anymore, we have already done that for you. When it is extremely hot/cold, it is advisable to put the tubes in the bus just before PostNL collects them or to drop them off at a collection location. Keep blood at room temperature and urine in the fridge.

13. How full should the tubes be?

The filling of the tube depends on the type of tube and brand of tube. Our clotting tubes fill completely to the top (red cap), The EDTA (purple tube) tubes fill to half and the glucose tubes (gray-white) fill to 1/3rd.


14. What do the reference values on my result sheet mean?

On the result form you will find your reference values that the test has shown. In addition, there are two other values between which you should fall. These reference values depend on your gender and age.

15. I would like to discuss my results with a doctor, is this possible?

Yes you can, you can just go to your own doctor with your result form. You can also request a consultation via our 'Extra services'. We have several internists and coaches with whom you can discuss your results and help you further with any problems/complaints you may have. Here the link https://bloodtesting.nl/extra-advies/

16. Can I do more tests from my previously sent blood? (post test)

Yes this is possible, when you order another test with us you don't have to pay for blood collection and shipping costs and we will test the same blood again. This is possible up to 5 working days after receiving the blood at the lab.

17. How do I receive my results?

You will receive your results in a PDF document by email. If the result of a test is extremely low or high and immediate medical intervention is required, you will be contacted for consultation before receiving the results. Other abnormal values are indicated with an arrow up for a high value and/or an arrow down for a low value. A urine and/or blood test remains a snapshot, sometimes it is wise to repeat the tests after a month, which can be improved. In case of medical complaints you should always consult your doctor.

Other questions

18. What is the shelf life of the supplied test kit?

You must have your blood drawn and shipped no later than 8 weeks after receiving the blood collection kit, this is due to the shelf life of the tubes. After this time your order will be closed and cannot be processed.
If you do not have the opportunity to send in your blood within this time, please contact us (info@bloodtesting.nl). We can then place another order and send you a new blood collection set, however, you will have to pay an additional order fee of €19.90. If we have not heard from you within the period of 8 weeks, your order will unfortunately be cancelled and you will no longer be able to claim the performance of the tests.

19. I want to exchange my test, is that possible?

Your blood test cannot be exchanged, because your test is specially created in the laboratory system. However, you can waive the order or switch to another test before you have your blood tested. In case of exchange, you will have to pay the order fee/shipping fee again.
You should then send this cancellation by email to info@bloodtesting.nl, stating your name and order number. We can then credit you the amount for the blood test, with the exception of the order costs/shipping costs and payment costs.

20. I would like to offer a blood test on a business basis. Is this possible?

Please contact us at info@bloodtesting.nl.

21. Do I need to be home to receive the test kit?

No you do not have to be home, this can just through the mailbox.