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Optimize your sports performance

These tests are designed to provide proper support for improved athletic performance.

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Flex Challenge test

Your blood is the mirror of your body. Having this checked regularly is a must for any serious athlete.

This test has been specially formulated for strength athletes.

It is checked for:

- anemia,

- Liver function,

- renal function,

- fat profile,

- thyroid,

- muscle damage (overtraining),

- hormones

You can supplement your order with growth hormone, for example, to check its effect. Or estrogen and/or prolactin to find the cause of a decreased libido.

Bloody Good Body

This check-up compares your blood on 25 points with the applicable references for a healthy person of your gender and age.

The following tests are performed:

- ALT - Liver function

- ASAT - Liver function

- Basophilic granulocytes (blood count)

- Cholesterol Total - cardiovascular disease

- CK - (creatine kinase) Muscle damage

- Creatinine - Renal function

- Erythrocytes (blood count)

- Eosinophilic granulocytes (bloom)

- Gamma GT - Liver function

- Hematocrit (blood count)

- Haemoglobin (Hb) - Anaemia - Fatigue

- LDH - damage to body tissue

- Leucocytes - White blood cells

- Lymphocytes (blood count)

- Sodium - Moisture balance in the body

- Neutrophil granulocytes (blood count)

- Monocytes (blood count)

- Platelets