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I want an antibody test Covid-19 without cut-off value, is that possible?

Question from Gitte: Recently I did a Quantivac antibodies test from Euroimmun from which came >380 BAU. So there is a cut off point. Since I have an immune problem and have had a third shot, I am very curious about the exact value.
A value of 380 or e.g. 2000 will make a big difference for me!

Answer: each test has a different cutoff value. Abbott has a longer range of values so they are easier to follow. On the other hand, once they are above 384, they just have enough antibody response. The height above that says nothing about the degree of protection, in 6-8 months they may have dropped below 384 again.

So you may not compare the values of an Abbott test with a value of the Euroimmune test.



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