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Hepatitis infection from pork?

Question from Bas: I am potentially interested in the blood test "Hepatitis infection from pork?". The reason for my interest is a risk situation I experienced for getting infected with hepatitis E. This situation took place about a year ago. Since then I have been tested for hepatitis E, and from that came a negative result for the disease. However, I have a nagging feeling that I may have infected family and friends with this virus, because I may have had an acute version of this disease from which I have since recovered. I read that the blood test (Hepatitis infection by pork) that you offer tests the blood for antibodies of the hepatitis E virus. So I am curious, can this blood test also show if I have had the Hepatitis E virus in the past (about one year ago), even though I am thus now cured?

Answer: with the testhttps://www.bloodtesting.nl/hepatitis-e-besmetting-door-varkensvlees.html

we can show whether you have produced the IgG antibodies, which remain present in the blood the longest.


IgG is likely to remain for life. An increase in IgG relative to a previous sample may indicate re-infection. Re-infection can also lead to chronic infection in immunocompromised patients.(Kamar, Bendall et al. 2012, Abravanel, Lhomme et al. 2014, Krain, Nelson et al. 2014) It is likely that developing antibodies is not protective against re-infection or re-activation.
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