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What method is used in the CDT test?

Question from Tom: I recently had blood tested by your company.
I received the results and spoke to another doctor about them and their interpretation.
However, I still have 1 question that the doctor did not have an immediate answer to, which is: what method did you use in determining CDT?
Indeed, I do not find the cut-off point of 1.3% (as in your result) anywhere in the method recognized by CBR.
So can you tell me whatmethod you used?

Indeed, we use a different method than the CBR usually uses, so we work with different reference values.
Capillary electrophoresis method.

Reference Value
An increase in CDT is to be expected with daily alcohol consumption of more than about 60-80 g for about two weeks.
The half-life after alcohol is about 14 days.
At the indicated affinity value, a sensitivity of approximately 75% is achieved with a specificity of 98% for increased alcohol consumption.

p.s. Elevated CDT values can also be found at:
CDG syndrome, primary biliary cirrhosis, transferrin D variants, chronic active hepatitis, hepatocellular carcinoma, occasionally postmenopausal, with estrogen therapy and during pregnancy.


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