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what's the difference between testosterone and free testosterone?

Question from Daan: I would like to measure my testosterone level.
But I see now that you have 2 tests:
- Testosterone (free) + SHBG
- Testosterone
What is the difference?
And which one is the best?

A: There are two blood values for testosterone:
1. Total testosterone, which measures all the testosterone in your body.
2. Free testosterone, which flows around FREE in your blood and is available to be used.

Most of the testosterone in your body is bound to the protein SHBG and albumin and is not freely available.
An optimal level of free testosterone is important for your athletic performance and fertility.
In men, free testosterone is available to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.
Regular training makes sure that your free testosterone level STRIPS.

The testosterone value without free testosterone is usually requested from us by people who use testosterone increasing drugs to see if those drugs work, (anti-aging or performance enhancement ).
But to really know about the free testosterone you're making, what's helpful and what's healthy for your body, you need the measurement of free testosterone.



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