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Eczema, what tests can I do?

Question from Brenda: I suffered from eczema 4 years ago during my first pregnancy.
I have been to several therapists and a dermatologist and nothing has been resolved.
Well I want to investigate further, is it better to have blood taken or stool tests to see where the problem lies?

A: Eczema is often a manifestation of the bucket filling up.
Your pregnancy may have been the trigger, not the cause I think.
It is important to see if you have built up a food intolerance over the years or if your gut flora is not in order.
Eczema usually comes from within.
Unfortunately, it is often searching for a needle in the haystack

Therefore it is best to start with a pre-screening diet, if it is due to your diet then you can continue to test for exactly what you can and cannot eat


As a gut screening, I recommend this test:


Should either test reveal anything, or if you want to look further for the cause, I recommend a consultation with Dr. Schantl


Skin problems, after all, usually come from within.

This is the test that a home therapist put together:


Here you can read more information about eczema, perhaps you will come to a certain insight where the cause in your case may lie:


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