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Can you test the AMH hormone even when you are on the pill?

Question from Debbie: Can you test the AMH hormone even when you are on the pill? I tested it last year without the pill, but wonder if the value can change.

A: Yes you can do this test when on the pill.

AMH is indeed not dependent on pill use, you measure your ovarian reserve with this.
There are studies that do indicate that your ovarian reserve is negatively affected by pill use.

The birth control pill can affect your fertility
In a study presented to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology,Dr. Katherine Birch Petersenexpressed concern about the use of the birth control pill and a woman's fertility. A woman's ovarian reserve can be most accurately assessed by two measurements: levels of AMH (Anti-Muller Hormone) in the blood , and by the number of early follicles in the ovary ( AFC ). Of 833 female participants between the ages of 19 and 46, the researchers found that AFC was 16% lower in those taking the pill. AMH levels decreased by 19%. The study also showed that those who had used the pill had ovaries that were between 29 and 52% smaller than those of non - pill users. The largest difference was found in the youngest of the subjects, aged between 19 and 29.9. " The pill can mask a severely reduced ovarian reserve ... and this is important to recognize," says Dr. Katherine Birch Petersen.

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