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InsideTracker Ultimate is not for sale outside the US and Canada, how can you offer it?

Question from Jorn: On the site of insidetracker "Insidetracker Ultimate" cannot be bought outside the US and Canada, how is it possible that you offer it in the Netherlands, and with this discount?

Answer: You can buy the blood test from us in the Netherlands.
You cannot buy it from InsideTracker because the blood cannot be shipped to the USA.

That's why we use InsideTracker's DIY dashboard, to achieve the same total solution.

It's true that if you add up the price of the Ultimate blood test and the DIY Dashboard, you'll still be cheaper in the Netherlands than in the USA and Canada.

However, we do not offer any quantity discounts because you only need to purchase the Dashboard from InsideTracker once and then you can always order the necessary blood tests from us separately. We also do not include DHEA-s in the package because this is only used by women in the Dashboard.


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