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Can I have my blood group determined as a follow-up test?

Question from Vera: I have already sent blood, but can I have my blood type tested afterwards? I find that useful to know.

Answer: The blood type cannot be requested as a post test. You need a separate tube for this with name and date of birth for extra identification. This is not available in our laboratory at the time you have already submitted your blood.

With a blood type determination it comes very precisely that you get the right value, because with any blood transfusion this can be a matter of life and death. You will receive an official blood group card by mail. Keep this well.


The different blood groups are:
  • Blood type A positive
  • Blood type A-negative
  • Blood type AB-positive
  • Blood type AB negative
  • Blood type O-positive
  • Blood type O-negative
  • Blood type B positive
  • Blood type B-negative

Within the Dutch population we see mostly the blood groups O (47%) and A (42%). The blood groups that are significantly less common are B (8%) and AB (3%). In addition, 84% are rhesus (D)-positive and 16% rhesus (D)-negative. Many donors and patients are A+ or O+, while B- and AB- are rare.
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