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09 July 2021
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Crohn's Disease: Have your intestinal problems been addressed at the core?

Poop transplants may be the solution to intestinal problems. After top athlete Marco Kleijn struggled with the annoying daily symptoms of Crohn's disease for more than 22 years, he decided to take on his ailing body and make the solution available to the Netherlands.

Read here the story of Marco and his company Gezonde-Darmflora.nl:

What's a Poop Transplant?

All diseases begin in the gut said Hippocrates over 2,000 years ago. And back then, Eastern medicine experts already knew how to address that. Back then they called it "Yellow soup," now it's called a poop transplant.
With a poop transplant you have a 70% chance of taking over the gut flora of a healthy person. The new healthy intestinal bacteria nestle into the intestinal wall and
then multiply at lightning speed. They start to colonize. When the new gut flora is completely settled and the gut flora is balanced again, the body can start to recover. The intestinal flora is the biggest engine of your immune system, it can do its job again at full power. In Dutch hospitals this ancient phenomenon has been tested since 2007.
Despite the very good results, a transplant is not performed more than 5 to 10 times a year. While in America this is already 5 to 10 times a week. Abroad there are more and more clinics where you can go for treatment.

At 19, my football career ended

I myself contracted Crohn' s disease when I was nineteen, just before my debut in professional soccer. That career was immediately taken off the table by this disease. A lifetime of medication became my prospect. After 22 years of medication, I rediscovered poop transplants. Gastric juice-resistant capsules had now been developed that looked at the quantity and quality of donor poop after freezing. It was only a very small article that fortunately caught my eye. The results with the techniques of nasogastric tubes and enemas were almost the same. For me, this was an opportunity to stage a poop transplant myself. Because a doctor was not going to help me with that. A fair amount of research taught me how to prepare donor poop.

Treating my own sick body

Now 6 years later I am still glad that I made the choice how to treat my sick body. A pharmacist friend of mine helped me with the necessary stuff and the healthiest football player I had ever played with helped me with his stool. After fabricating the capsules, I took the pills on an empty stomach. I didn't notice anything the rest of the day, but the next morning... I woke up earlier and fitter! My bowel movements changed from 6 times to the toilet with diarrhoea to once or twice a day with regular stools. But also small ailments such as a short slip are now a thing of the past. The energy came back and after writing my biography, in which Crohn's disease was a red thread and my successful poop transplant a nice ending, the questions came.

Can you arrange a poop transplant for me too?

Now, a poop transplant is a relatively simple solution. Only finding a donor is extremely difficult. Only 4% of the world's population has healthy intestinal flora! And to have someone tested at the doctor's office asking if he is healthy? That's just counterproductive. Fortunately I found a good partner at bloodvaluesest.nl who wanted to perform the serum tests for me.
The past few years I have tested a lot of 'healthy' people and mostly top athletes. I am now working with my third donor and the results are very good. This donor has a rich intestinal flora in which all three enterotypes are evenly distributed. (Almost always only one enterotype dominates in an intestinal flora). New donors also confirmed my theory that if an enterotype doesn't work out, there are two other enterotypes that can. I now have a good donor and continue to look hard for the other two types. The knowledge that if I were to suffer again I would have to go through the same medical mill as I did 28 years ago is one of the driving forces for me.

How many careers are destroyed by Crohn's disease?

How many careers are still destroyed by diseases like Crohn's, Colitis, basically anything gut related!
After the investment of a friend, I was able to do an extensive search for a good donor and now there is a new website. I only facilitate healthy gut flora capsules and am nothing more than an expert by experience. Therefore, I am not allowed to advise anything and you are expected to do your own research, take responsibility for your own body and then any risks are yours. That last point is nothing different than with regular care....
If we help only one person then that is already a huge gain was my first thought. Now there are many more and the counter is fortunately rising. Take a look at our new website!
Marco Kleijn,

to test if you could have Crohn's disease:






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The donors undergo many tests including these:


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