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Welcome to blood test

Optimize your treatment pathway

measuring = knowing

Ordering for clients

Our mission

"Giving people insight into their health so they can improve their vitality".

But of course we cannot do this alone, which is why we welcome you as a partner.

We arrange everything for you and your client, from blood collection to results.

BloodValue Testing only provides the laboratory testing and does not provide any supplements, consultations or treatments itself,

that's why we have you as a partner!

Our Team



Lisanne Kronenburg


Relationship Manager


Relationship Manager


Customer service

Create your account:

Create an account on the Bloodtesting webshop once. Through this account you will always have insight into your invoices and the status of your orders. You can quickly order for your clients without having to re-enter your data every time.
Due to privacy reasons you can not see the results here.
You will receive this by e-mail.

How does it work? Order for your clients?

1. Choose the desired studies

Log in with your name and password

Order your desired tests by putting them in your "shopping cart".

2. Choose blood collection at prick station or on site

For a blood test, you choose blood collection at blood collection station. This is the total order cost for; shipping, blood collection kit, referral letter and blood collection by authorized employee.

In case you can take care of the blood collection yourself, choose shipping method consultation and add this item in your shopping cart: https://www.bloodtesting.nl/zelf-bloed-afnemen.html. If it is a urine or stool test, only order will be charged for shipping costs.

3. At shipping address, enter your client's address

After you have registered and logged in, your details will be filled in automatically for the billing address. The purchase set will be sent to the shipping address.

4. Under "comments," enter your client's email address. date of birth and gender

You enter this in the "comments" field that you encounter during the order. These data are important to personalize the collection kit and to send the invitation for the blood collection directly to your client. The result will automatically go to you, the email address you registered with once.

5. Pay with iDEAL or one of the other payment options.

And everything is put into action

Would you please let us know you registered the first time, we will place you in a group with a discount code.

Our services

Blood test

More than 500 different parameters

Urine analysis

Urine and saliva testing

Feces examination

Various stool tests

DNA testing

Cheek swab tests

Create your account:

Create your account once at the webshop of Bloodvalue Test and send us a message under which name you registered. We will then place you in a group, so you will receive the discount immediately when you log in again with this account.