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July 05, 2023
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Customer review: A blood value test gives me direction and guidance

A blood value test gives me direction and guidance

He was a year older than me. My neighbor across the street.

Was, because Wil left on his road bike and didn't come home. His legs stopped cycling and his heart stopped beating. How is that possible, I thought? He was always busy and cheerful. Busy with his garden and cycling with his grandchildren. Retiring early and still full of plans. And despite his white curly hair, Wil was definitely not old.

His untimely death got me thinking: does my body also have a nasty surprise in store? I have always been and still am athletic. I feel good, have no physical complaints and I try to remember when I last saw my family doctor.

No idea.

Am I okay?

Although I do feel a few pounds overweight, I feel fit. I cycle - by way of a test - the Bicycle City Tour (235 km) every year on WhitMonday, and the Eleven Cities Cross feels like a positive result for longevity. Nonsense, of course.

Perhaps my body is secretly developing a tumor or a coronary artery is dangerously clogging, I think negatively.

Now I am not the type to visit the doctor at the slightest thing, so making an appointment when you have nothing wrong with you is nonsense in my opinion. To relieve my anxiety, I start looking for advice and answers and it just so happens that I run into Ellen from Blood Values Test. I know her professionally from back in the day and our daughters were classmates. When she tells me about her company and what she does, I know she has the best solution for me. After all, a comprehensive blood value test gives so much information insight and peace of mind. At least, I hope it does.

On the advice of Blood Values Test, I choose the National Health Check-up. After I pay, a day later I receive a mailbox package containing instructions, return envelope and several tubes. I make an appointment at a lancing station - in my case, a nearby hospital - and read the instructions.

No weak knees

Blood collection is a piece of cake. One prick is enough to fill five or six tubes. The lancing doesn't hurt, my knees don't go weak, and all in all it takes less than a minute. Along with a tube of urine, I send the blood-filled tubes to the lab in a special, addressed and stamped envelope.

A week later, I am emailed the results + package insert of the blood value test. I open the pdf and quickly scan the results for things that might indicate misery. The amount of information is overwhelming. Some values I don't understand but a leaflet that could make Wikipedia jealous is clear. So is the result.

No issues have come to light with me that force me to be transported to the hospital with flashing lights and siren. However, I do see values that make me think.

The message is clear

I need to work on my vitamin D3 and B12 deficiencies. Never suffered from them, but blood doesn't lie. My cholesterol levels have always been a weak point but are already better than they have been. Also the triglycerides (fats in blood) value is a bit on the high side (I already suspected that because my body analysis scale indirectly tells me that too). I am adjusting my diet, losing a few more pounds and exercising a bit more which will hopefully help me tackle this problem.

By now I am at a good weight and hope that in the next blood value test these values will not be bold. Because that follow-up test is going to happen, that's for sure.

The result of a blood value test is a great source of valuable information. There are an insane number of websites and coaches who can and will help us all get fitter and healthier, but I recommend that anyone planning to reset themselves do a blood value test first. It is the best action you can take and on which nutrition coaches, lifestyle coaches and yourself - without assumptions - can steer.

I don't know if a regular blood value test could have prevented my neighbor across the street's fate, but I do think he had a better chance of still being around.

Still need to take another test

I am now 65 and have just completed my 8th Bicycle City Tour.

I still feel good but I am going to consult with Bloodtesting.nl soon about when I will do another test and which test is best for me. I am curious if some of the values have been positively adjusted and no other issues come to light that need attention. I still have so much to do and want.

You too?

Theo Basstein

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