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What is Candida, how do you recognize it and what can you do about it?

Recently, Ellen from Blood Value Test had the Candida coach Yvonne Oostrom as a guest on the webinar "(Over)living with Candida."A hugely informative and practical interview. Do you have recurring abdominal complaints, vaginal infections, chalk nails, respiratory infections, skin complaints or other "vague" complaints? Then this webinar is highly recommended!

Yvonne explains how to recognize Candida (symptoms), the role of nutrition and especially the dangers of sugar (!), how to easily diagnose it with a blood test and what you can do next. Because, it is really very important to address this problem because there is definitely something to do about it with the right guidance.

So watch the interview (click on the video) and if you recognize yourself in the complaints, do a blood test and let yourself be coached by Yvonne so you learn to get rid of this annoying problem permanently.

Short about The Candida Coach Yvonnen Oostrom

Yvonne Oostrom is an expert by experience, certified coach and author of 2 books on Candida. As #1 Candidacoach, she helps you use nutrition as medicine to push the Candida back to its original yeast form. As a result, you will see your symptoms decrease. Since 2015 she has successfully helped many 'Candidates' to a Candidaproof lifestyle. With the right knowledge and adjustments in the areas of nutrition, mindset and stress reduction, you can go through life fitter and more energetic again. She shares this knowledge on her website and through unique coaching programs.

Win the book (over)living with Candida!
Do you want to have a chance to win a signed book of the Candida Coach Yvonne? Send an email with why you want to win the book to info@bloodtesting.nl !