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Gino Lamers talking:

"Since I have been training for about 4 years and have been competing in bodybuilding competitions for a year now, it is more than clear to me how important it is to maintain your health by means of several blood checks per year. This is what I would like to pass on to power athletes. If you demand a lot from your body it is also important to treat it with care. It is important to measure from time to time whether your body and your hormones are still in order.

Gino Lamers Blood Test

As a strength athlete/bodybuilder, being busy with your health/body is a must. It is therefore important that, in addition to working out and watching your diet, you measure whether you are actually doing the right thing. Gino Lamers offers a test that is specifically aimed at strength athletes / bodybuilders.

Gino Lamers, professional bodybuilder, needs to know how healthy he is for his job. Gino had to visit several institutions to find out about his health and was looking for an easier and simpler way!

In collaboration with Blood Values Test, Gino Lamers has developed a special Gino Lamers Test.

The "Gino Lamers Test" is the perfect solution for strength athletes/bodybuilders to find out about their health. These tests test for anemia, liver function, kidney function, fat profile, thyroid, muscle damage and hormones. Basically everything a strength athlete/bodybuilder needs to know is covered in this test.

With this unique concept of only € 163,50 (+19,90 for blood sampling) you never pay too much, always receive a unique advice for follow-up tests that make sense in addition to your chosen test.

Like Gino, do you want to know in one test whether you are healthy as a strength athlete/bodybuilder? Take the test, take the challenge and become fitter and healthier than Gino!


Clear & fast; highly recommended

Delivery, pricks, results were quick and easy to understand. I would definitely order this test again



Fast delivery and quick results, really nothing to complain about.


Top system!

Good price, fast delivery and almost immediately able to prick. Top arrangement! Also quickly the results with clear explanations!



How old do you have to be to order a test?

Anyone aged 18 years or older may take a blood test. For children under 18 please contact us by phone (085 - 065 37 47) or by mail (info@bloodtesting.nl)

Is it anonymous?

Bloodtesting.nl will never give your results to the insurance company or your doctor. You will receive the blood tubes at the address you provided, they have a barcode that communicates with your test, but nobody can find out what is being tested, only the lab system. The results will only be sent to the email address you provide. You can also place the order under another name, but do not change your date of birth, because the results are related to your gender and age.

I have ordered a test, what now?

You will receive the examination kit 1 business day after your order. In the meantime, you will be linked to a lancing station by our appointments office.

Do I have to be sober for the shot?

For the food intolerance tests you do not need to be sober. The food intolerance is measured over the past few months and is not a snapshot. However, if you have not eaten a certain type of food in the past few months, these antibodies will not show up in the test. If, for example, you do not eat any milk products, the result with regard to milk products will not be representative.

I took a blood sample. Now what?

You put the blood-filled tubes in the enclosed medical mailing material and put it in the mail. You can do this in your orange mailbox or you can drop it off at a PostNL service point. You do not need to stamp the mail, that has already been done by us. When it is extremely hot/cold, it is recommended to put the tubes in the mailbox just before the PostNL collection time or to drop it off at a PostNL service point for mail. Store blood at room temperature.

How do I receive my results?

You will receive your results in a PDF document by email. If the result of a test is extremely low or high and immediate medical intervention is required, you will be contacted for consultation before receiving the results. Other abnormal values are indicated with an arrow up for a high value and/or an arrow down for a low value. A urine and/or blood test remains a snapshot, sometimes it is wise to repeat the tests after a month, which can be improved. In case of medical complaints you should always consult your doctor.