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November 01, 2019
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What does the Viome microbiome test have to do with the moon?

How entrepreneurship and innovation can change the world

On 22 January I saw, like so many others, the broadcast of Dokters van morgen on NPO 1.

Then I started looking for the test that was discussed there, because this test could not be missing from the Blood Values Test assortment.

We offer a range of the best laboratory tests for consumers and this test was certainly not to be missed.

Although our name Blood Values Test suggests that we only do blood tests, we also offer the most advanced tests from stool.

What microbiome tests are currently available?

In the program of Dokters van Morgen the test of DayTwo is discussed. So my first action was to contact the Israeli supplier. However, this supplier is not planning to market their product in the Netherlands for the time being. The next solution was from Atlas Biomed, an English supplier who even has the analysis done in the Netherlands at Erasmus. We tested this test and wanted to offer it as an alternative until the Viome test became available in Europe.

Viome is the most detailed microbiome test available, and its CEO is Naveen Jain.

The vision of top entrepreneur Naveen Jain appealed to me. This top entrepreneur, who was the first to acquire landing rights on the moon, has a motto;


Getting rich and doing good don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Naveen's mission is to eliminate all chronic diseases from the world.

INNOVATION and ENTERPRISES can change the world. Not the government or the medical industry.

Naveen Jain is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through innovation. A man who knows no boundaries, Naveen puts big dreams into action and leads to massive cultural and technological change. His vision and magnetic personality constantly inspires others to do what seems impossible.

He is friends with guru Deepak Chopra. Deepak Chopra has written more than fifty books and is considered the greatest author in the field of meaning. Deepak Chopra is one of the most important teachers passing on Eastern wisdom to the Western world. After first working as a doctor, he discovered the power of meditation and yoga. He founded several spiritual centers in America and gives lectures worldwide. Besides being the author of many books in the field of ayurvedic medicine, he advises many influential managers, including former president Bill Clinton.

Viome consists of a team of leading entrepreneurs, scientists and physicians.
This expertise is why Viome is the only company with an exclusive license to the patented technology
developed by the prestigious Los Alamos National Laboratory. Viome's groundbreaking artificial intelligence was created to analyze data. As more tests are done, the artificial intelligence of the micorbioom analysis machine will spot trends that will result in scientific breakthroughs.

With this stool test you get advice on how to improve your microbiome through an app.

Did you miss tomorrow's episode of doctors?

Then you can watch it back here:


During the broadcast, NPO posted this comment:

"Watch out! Update January 23, 2019: We are being inundated with responses, especially about the test seen in the broadcast. In the Netherlands such a test with this accuracy is not yet available. If you yourself have (bowel) complaints that may be solved with a different diet, it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor or dietician. In this programme Antoinette follows British journalist and doctor Michael Mosley, who gives a unique insight into his intestines. It turns out there's a whole universe hidden in the world of bacteria. We also follow Lieke, Tim and Rosemary, who all suffer from PDS. For ten weeks they will adjust their diet to their microbiome - in the hope of getting better. Olympic swimming champion Maarten van der Weijden also has his microbiome checked. What does his personalised diet consist of? More Dokters van Morgen We previously covered the relationship between your gut and your brain in Dokters van Morgen. Can bacteria influence fretting?"


What can Blood Values Test do for you? You can order this test from us and get Dutch support for your questions.

Would you like to order the Viome Microbiome Test?



About the Author
Ellen is the founder of Blood Value Testing. She gained her experience with health examinations for companies, schools and government institutions at HumanCapitalCare arbo- en gezondheidsdienst. In 2009 she became director of Diagnostics Netherlands, a collaboration between all major general practitioner laboratories in the Netherlands. At the U- Diagnostics laboratory in Utrecht, she was responsible for blood testing at GPs. Until she founded Blood Values Test for individuals in 2013.
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