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Examination for retesting driver's license needed?

Check out the alcohol and drug tests in collaboration with the CBR below

New by 1-4-2022 Drug testing according to NVvP guideline

This guideline provides psychiatrists with guidance on drug abuse testing in the context of fitness to drive assessments where cannabis is now tested in blood rather than urine using the

THC-COOH Test. Blood Values Test works with Medical Laboratories Stein & Collegae, who are

Be certified as a Forensic Toxicology Laboratory.

How does it work?

Mail your referral from the CBR or


Email your referral letter to info@bloedwaardentest.nl. Based on this you will receive (if applicable) a request to order the correct test. You can find the amounts at the bottom of the page.

Receive the test kit at home

We make the set for you and send it to you by regular mail. You do not have to stay at home. You will also receive an email with the referral and location for the blood collection.

Purchasing in your area

Go to our designated location. Bring your ID; your blood and/or urine will be drawn and taken. The results will be sent to your psychiatrist.

First send an email to info@bloedwaardentest.nl with the request from your psychiatrist or in the case of a communications procedure from the CBR.

Personal instructions then follow the same day.

You will then receive the collection kit and a referral letter for blood collection in your area.

Blood tests can almost always be done in your area (max. 10 km from your home address)

For urinalysis and monitoring, these locations are available:

- Alkmaar Friday morning

- Almere (open to CBR)

- Amersfoort Wednesday morning / Friday morning

- AmsterdamMonday morning / Thursday morning

- Amsterdam Centre Monday to Friday from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm. Wednesday until 19:00.

- Apeldoorn

- Arnhem

- Assen

-BlaricumEvery afternoon during office hours

- Breda Tuesday night

- Delft Monday evening / Thursday morning

- Den Bosch Friday morning

- The Hague Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning

- Eindhoven Tuesday morning / Wednesday morning / Friday morning

- Enschede

- Groningen Monday morning / Tuesday evening

- Haarlem Monday afternoon / Wednesday morning / Thursday morning / Friday morning

- Hoofddorp Tuesday night

- Leeuwarden

- Leiden Friday night

-Maastricht Daily

- Nijmegen

- Tilburg Thursday evening

- Rotterdam Monday evening / Wednesday morning

- Utrecht (open for CBR) Tuesday evening / Thursday evening

- Zwolle Monday evening

Blood test only:

See here for the Zeeland and Brabant locations:


See here locations Enschede, Almelo, Hengeloand surroundings.


Groningen various locations

Blood or urine test for CBR

The Central Bureau for Driving Licenses (CBR) requests in certain cases for persons, who have been arrested with alcohol or drug use in traffic, laboratory tests for a psychiatric examination of fitness to drive. The following instructions apply to taking blood and submitting urine:

How does the research work?

Bring your ID so you can identify yourself to the nurse.

You will start by getting blood through a vein in your arm. If you also have to provide urine, you will receive a urine container from the staff member. At the location you fill the container with your urine. The filled container must be returned immediately. The staff member will check the urine for freshness and dilution. Then you must suck up the tube as instructed in the presence of the nurse.

What will be examined and how will you receive the results?

CBR or the psychiatrist decide what you should be examined for. That may be a blood test for alcohol or cannabis. It may be a urine test for other drugs. Or a combination of these tests. Send your referral letter from the CBR or psychiatrist by mail to info@bloedwaardentest.nl and we will process your request within one day.

You will then receive your customized test kit at home. The results will be sent to your assigned psychiatrist. 5 working days after submitting the material to our assigned point in your area, you can contact the psychiatrist for the results.


We always ask you for a valid identification document, as we are obliged to check your identity. This is because Bloodtesting.nl is obliged to check your identity. When ordering you must provide your Citizen Service Number (BSN). Your BSN can be found on your passport, driver's license or identity card, so we ask you to bring a valid ID with you to the location.

Possible Investigations


from blood


CBR alcohol test

from blood


CBR Drug Screening

from blood and urine


drug testing by the piece loose

from urine


For blood collection there is an additional €19.90

In the event of a positive urine test, a confirmation test follows.

For a health declaration this costs an additional €97.