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Examination for retesting driver's license needed?

Check out the alcohol and drug tests in collaboration with the CBR below

✓ Blood value test is approved by CBR in all regions for Alcohol, THC (cannabis blood test) and urine drug tests.

For more information visit www.cbr.nl

Blood sampling can almost always take place in your area

(max. 10 km from your home address)

Click here for urinalysis/checkup locations.

How does it work?

Step 1

Mail your referral

Mail your referral letter received from the CBR or psychiatrist to info@cbrlab.nl. Based on this you will receive (if applicable) a request to order the appropriate test. You can find the amounts at the bottom of the page.

Step 2

Get the test kit

We customize the test kit for you and send it to you by mail. No need to stay at home for this. You will receive the reference and location for the test by e-mail.

Step 3

Collection in your area

Go to our designated location. Your blood and/or urine will be drawn and taken. The results will be sent to your psychiatrist.

Bloed- of urineonderzoek voor het CBR

The Central Bureau of Driver's Licenses (CBR) requests laboratory tests for a psychiatric examination of driving fitness in certain cases for persons arrested with alcohol or drug use in traffic.

What will be examined and how will you receive the results?

CBR or the psychiatrist decide what you will be examined for. This may be a blood and/or urine test for alcohol/drug use. Send your referral letter from the CBR or psychiatrist by mail to info@cbrlab.nl and we will process your request within just one day.

The results will be sent to your assigned psychiatrist. 5 working days after submitting the test materials, you can contact the psychiatrist for the results.

Proof of identity

We always ask you for valid identification. Blood Value Test is required to verify your identity, and you will be asked for your Citizen Service Number (BSN) when you place your order.

*Your BSN is on your passport, driver's license or identity card.

Important points to know before the examination

* Please bring valid identification to the sampling point. The collection cannot take place without valid identification.

* Blood collection is through a vein in the arm (no finger prick).

* In the case of urine testing, you will be given a jar for this at the collection site. Fill it with urine and hand it back immediately to a staff member.

Possible Investigations


from blood


CBR alcohol test

from blood


CBR Drug Screening

from blood and urine


drug testing by the piece loose

from urine


For blood collection, an additional €21.90 will be charged

In the event of a positive urine test, a confirmation test follows.

For a health declaration this costs an additional €97.