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Self-test for colon cancer

Prevention is better than cure


people per year with a diagnosis of bowel cancer in the Netherlands


people die from colon cancer every year


once a year the chance to prevent this

The population screening starts at the age of 55

You don't have to wait for this.

Stop Bowel Cancer

This screening allows you to be present at an early stage.

Simple and cheap

With the simple self-test you will know more


Blood Value Test is the largest supplier of blood tests for individuals.

Our mission is: "To give people insight into their health so they can improve their vitality". Not all tests go you Blood. The colorectal cancer test is done from stool.

We did the test with all our girlfriends, luckily I was there on time and only had polyps.

Mieke 45 years

IIknow I've had cancer before, so I like to take the precaution and do a complete examination annually.

Frits 58 years

My niece got colon cancer at 40, I'd rather not wait for the population study and have my stool tested now.

Angela 47 years

Why should you do the colon cancer test?


More than 400 times a year you have the opportunity to check your stool. By simply pricking the top of the rod (like a mascara roller) into your stool, you can be screened for polyps in your intestine. These are possible precursors to colon cancer.


The test is done by an official hospital laboratory and is even more sensitive than the standard population test.

You will not only be told whether your result is right or wrong, but also the number of the value that was measured and the explanation.

Do not wait

Each year 13,000 people in the Netherlands get bowel cancer and 5000 people die from it. That is not necessary. Intestinal cancer can be detected at an early stage. If the test detects polyps, they can be removed before they develop into bowel cancer.


The population screening is free, but it only takes place every 2 years and only from the age of 55. If you want to be monitored more often and earlier you can do the test for €29,- at your own expense.

For €25,- per person you can order two tests at once.

Some additional health insurances reimburse €25,- per year.

Convinced? Request your test today!

Any questions?

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