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Recently it was in the news extensively. A one-time DNA test gives you insight into your drug sensitivity. Scientific research at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) shows that patients are 30% less likely to suffer side effects when medication is matched to DNA.

Great news but at Blood Values Test in cooperation with iGene DNA tests, have had experience with this topic for years. High time for a webinar "Healthier living thanks to DNA tests?" with Ellen from Bloodtesting together with the DNA test specialist Jan (iGene) . A subject about which there are many misunderstandings and sometimes some controversy. It became a great informative webinar in which it became very clear whether it could also be interesting for you to test your DNA with an iGene DNA saliva test.

bekijk in onderstaande video de replay van dit bijzondere webinar:

Unique: one-time test but lasting insight!

And what is so great about such a DNA test? That you only have to take a saliva test once because your DNA never changes. What does change is that in the future, based on new scientific research, there will be more and more insights into DNA. With the DNA test from iGene, these new insights are processed in your so-called DNA passport (via your App). This keeps you informed of new insights in the future. And that makes this test an investment in the future.

Vital: drug sensitivity

In addition to determining an increased risk of allergies, for example (which allows you to prevent or limit symptoms by adjusting your diet, for example), iGene preventively maps out which medications you may react differently to. This allows a doctor or pharmacist to immediately choose the right medicine and dosage for you. And that can be incredibly important.

How does such a DNA test actually work?

We can reassure you. Very simple really, just with a cotton swab; literally no pain at all :)
In the video below you can see the explanation of the iGene DNA test:

You see, super simple. As we said, your DNA never changes, so you only need to take a DNA test once. iGene HEALTH is the most complete DNA test. Through a saliva sample we map a part of your DNA. This provides you with information about your genetic predisposition, broken down into different health topics:

  • Genetic predisposition for disorders, linked to relevant preventive lifestyle recommendations
  • Sensitivity to commonly used drugs and pharmaco-profile
  • Personal characteristics

The uniqueness of iGene is that new insights into DNA (from ongoing scientific research) are added to your iGene 'gene passport' (handy App) so that you are always up to date with the latest developments around your DNA!

And that makes the iGene DNA test perhaps the best investment you can make in your health!

We now have a great offer of the iGene DNA Health test from € 289 for € 246. And that includes the 'gene passport' (accessible via the App). Click here for more information about this test!