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30 March 2020
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9 Problems candida patients struggle with;

When you hear that you have a Candidal Fever, it is actually a relief. You no longer have to search for the cause of your problem and can now focus your attention on it. Yet many people struggle with this diagnosis and get stuck. During the hundreds of conversations Candidacoach Yvonne Oostrom had with Candidapatients, she heard about a number of challenges that keep coming back. She lists the 9 biggest challenges for you.

  1. A long list of (vague) complaints
    Especially many women between 20 and 70+ years, but also more and more men, are looking for the solution to get rid of the long list of vague or persistent complaints. Abdominal complaints and flatulence, but also vaginal infections, fungal nails, mucous membrane problems, chronic cystitis, skin problems, inflammation in the body, a strong desire for sweets, low energy, mood swings and depression are most often mentioned. The symptoms have slowly crept in, sometimes from birth. Ointments, tablets or cures do not seem to help. The problem keeps coming back. You wonder: how do you get rid of these symptoms?

  1. No recognition of the problem
    You do not want to complain about your health, but sometimes cancel appointments. Because others don't see anything about you there is often a lot of misunderstanding in your environment. It makes you feel like a nag. Your doctor does not always know how to solve your problems. Each symptom is always looked at separately and it is said "Candida belongs in your body, it's normal. This can create a lot of frustration and disappointment. Your confidence in a solution diminishes and you feel more and more alone.

  1. On the road without a plan
    Once you've heard that the Candida Diet can help you tackle the Candida burden, the challenge begins. You cut back on sugar and puzzle with your diet: what can you do and what can't you do? You try everything, but have no plan of action. If your symptoms persist or recur again and again it's discouraging. Many people then give up. A shame, because with extra adjustments in your nutritional compass you can notice the difference. Although we all have the same limbs and organs, we all react differently to food. The Candidate diet is therefore customized.

  1. Lots of contradictory information
    There are many contradictions on the internet about the Candida diet, which makes it difficult to see the wood for the trees. Should you eat bread and potatoes or not? And how do you control the sugars? You can find sugar-free recipes that use dates, but those dates contain a lot of sugar. You just mess around and think you are doing well. Meanwhile, you notice little improvement in your health.

  1. The Candida diet is complicated
    Cooking Candidaproof is a challenge for many Candidapatients. How do you do that with your partner and children? Or if you have visitors? Will you be cooking for yourself separately? Many people don't like the idea or don't like standing in the kitchen. Cooking becomes more and more unpleasant. Because of a lack of inspiration you ask yourself every day 'What am I going to make tonight...'. You stick to a few recipes, which means you always eat the same thing. Boring!

  1. Difficult to maintain
    Most Candida patients start enthusiastically, but many unfortunately don't make it to the finish line... The reason:
    You encounter too many sweet temptations;
    the social pressure is too strong;
    you don't get around to it as soon as you have a busy period; or you slowly fall back into your old pattern because your attention wanders.

  1. Desire for sweetness remains present
    I've already cut down on the sugar' is the most frequently heard comment when it comes to sugar-free eating. And added to that: 'but the complaints keep returning'. So reducing sugar is not enough. You notice that the need for a sweet taste remains and you only like something when it's sweetened enough. Yvonne learns to eat completely sugar free. Your taste changes and the need for (sweet) snacks disappears. You discover that nature is already sweet enough. And when you do eat a piece of cake, you may notice that it seems like the enamel is coming off your teeth, that you don't even like it anymore, or that it gives you an energy dip.
  1. Complaints persist
    Who would prefer to have a quick fix and keep eating everything? That's what most people want. If you're lucky, after a short course of treatment from your doctor, the first results are visible after 2 to 4 weeks. But... Candida is an opportunist. It comes back as soon as it gets the chance! That's why it's smart to learn a Candidaproof lifestyle, which involves both adjusting your diet and experiencing less stress in your work and personal life. With less stress, the likelihood of repeated infections decreases significantly.

  1. Being on your own
    Telling others what's on your mind, or that you're on the Candida diet is a common barrier. Maybe you find it exhausting to explain everything. Are you afraid of being criticised or not being understood? You do want to be there for others, so you keep going on willpower. Sometimes you forget yourself. Also out of shame the word Candida is often avoided, because it sounds so dirty or like an STD.

Step by step towards good health
Are you still wondering if your symptoms are caused by a Candida overgrowth? These tests will help you find out quickly.

  1. First of all the candida overgrowth is visible in the intestines. How far this is can be discovered with a stool test.
  2. If you have vaginal problems, you can do this test yourself by means of a vaginal smear.
  3. If candida has penetrated from the intestinal wall to your blood (leaky gut), the best thing you can do is take this blood test. This test is done in the laboratory and you'll have to go to an injection centre for it.

Have you been diagnosed with Candida? And would you like to discover how to use nutrition as medicine and a positive mindset to get your health on track permanently? Then ask for a free Candida consultation. A 40 minute phone call where you and Yvonne zoom in on your situation and discuss how you can beat the Candida forever. You can request the call here.

Yvonne also wrote a book; (over)living with candida. You can order the book here.

survive with candida book

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