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Meet us @SAP Weekend

Bloodtesting.nl Hall 1 Stand 1

December 8 and 9, 2018

Starts at 10:00


Free test with Bloodtesting.nl Test

(without puncture)

Stand 1 hall 1 S

.A.P. weekend 2018

You got me!

5 years of blood tests for bodybuilders and their coaches

I use the blood tests Team Miro's health check to help my athletes perform optimally.

Team Miro health scan

Team Miro

I help athletes with lifestyle and nutritional advice based on their blood test results

Consultation Robbert Wolters

Robbert Wolters

We have been using the Flextest of Blood Values Test for years for coaching you to achieve your goals

Flex-Challenge Test

Flex Challenge

Measure Miro @blood value test

SAP Event Saturday 17.30 hours

Free measurement with your ticket for the SAP weekend

You can then use the test that we perform on the stand for FREE.

Visit us in Hall 1, stand 1

Meet Robbert Wolters

On the stand of Blood Value Test

Sunday, December 9

SAP Event 2018

Do you have questions about hormones,

questions about your results or

questions about training and nutrition?

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How stiff are your arteries?

Do you suffer from arteriosclerosis without knowing it?

Lower the risk of heart disease.

Measurements are taken daily with the Vitamin K2 meter at the Bloodtesting.nl stand.

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Arteriosclerosis in athletes

It happens occasionally: a super-fanatic athlete suddenly suffers a heart attack or cardiac arrest. Examination reveals that the coronary arteries in the heart - which supply the heart muscle with blood - are clogged with arteriosclerosis.

"Clogged coronary arteries are more common in people with risk factors, such as smoking or obesity, but very fanatical sportsmen and women usually take good care of their lifestyle. I would very much like to understand how these athletes come to have so much arteriosclerosis. And whether this arteriosclerosis is perhaps structured differently from the calcification in people who exercise less". says Vincent Aengevaeren researcher at the Radboudumc

Is it wise for extreme sportsmen and women to take it easy until the results of the study are known?

No, says Aengevaeren. "I do a lot of sports myself, and I'll just keep doing that!"

S.A.P. WeekendStrenght
& Physique

Koningshof Velhoven

December 8 and 9

December 2018

The Entry Fee


The Times

Sat: 10:00 - 20:00 hours

Sun: 10:00 - 20:00 hours

The Location

Conference Centre Koningshof

Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven