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Is the colon cancer test in the health screening colon plus?

Question from Danny: Is the colon cancer test in the health screening colon plus?

Answer: I this bowel screening looks both for blood in the stool, (as in the population screening) to detect polyps, and for the tumor marker Tumor M2Pk for screening for non-bleeding colorectal cancer tumors.
Tumor M2-PK can be elevated in many tumor types, rather than an organ-specific tumor marker such as PSA. M2-PK from stool samples is used for screening for colorectal cancer. This marker can also be used to detect non-bleeding tumors. A positive result must be followed by a colonoscopy to see what is actually going on.
The method of screening and the result does not match that of the population study, so if you go to a family doctor, the test will have to be done over or you would have to add anotherhttps://www.bloodtesting.nl/dikkedarmkanker-test-ifobt.html, because this is the same test used in the population study and the family doctor knows it.

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