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Are results of Covid 19 test forwarded (anonymized?) to RIVM?

Question from Bart: I am considering having the covid-19 IGG antibody test done.
Normally, medical records are strictly confidential and protective laws apply to personal data as well.
Since I am paying for the test myself it seems to me that in principle I have the rights over my data myself.
That there are other considerations because of the pandemic I can imagine, but I wonder how you can guarantee my privacy.
Therefore, the following questions:
To which bodies do you send my data?

Which data do you send (to which of the above)?

Which data does which authority keep and for how long?

Answer: We will not pass on the information to any authority without your permission.We can imagine that the RIVM will request the results in an anonymous group report.

If you want to sign up for blood donation you can do so at the blood bank, but we will never just pass on your information.

Some tests are notifiable (for Covid 19 this is only for the test whether you have the disease now (pcr test) which we do not do), for the antibody test this notification requirement does not apply.

see the overview here:


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