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What to test for after diagnosis of Sjögren's syndrome?

Question from Lianne: I have shogren, prick b12 and have fast d3 and iron deficiency. I have a lot of radiating pain in flanks back and I have a myoma and often iron deficiency due to menstruation.

Now I am very hesitant between
- intestinal test
- blood test
- vit and minerals research

Do you have any idea what is the best place for me to start?

A: Some people with Sjögren's syndrome measure antibodies from time to time to see how they are doing.



But I don't know if this will help you yourself, because these tests are more suited to therapists.

A gut health screening is always useful, as many autoimmune diseases start from the gut


with a consultation and treatment recommendation from e.g.


you can often make a lot of gains.

I would take vitamin d3https://www.bloodtesting.nl/vitamine-d-tekort-oh-vitamine-d-spiegel.html anyway and measure the comprehensive iron profilehttps://www.bloodtesting.nl/ijzer-tekort.html

Since you are pricking vitamin b12, there is no point in measuring it.

Further tests that may be useful are:




If money is no object, you can also test a whole vitamin panel including blood count:

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