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What is the difference between the DAO and histamine test from stool?

Question by Cobi: Would like to know more about the difference between the DAO test and the histamine test from stool samples.

1. Histamine test from stool measures if there is Histamine intolerance.
2. The DAO blood test measures whether the histamine intolerance is caused by DAO.

So the advice is to first do the stool test to see if there is a histamine intolerance and then do the DAO blood test to find out the cause.

Please note that when using antihistamines (drugs to suppress allergic reactions), the test will not work.

Decreased histamine breakdown, due to decreased DAO activity, results in you producing too much histamine.
This can lead to various symptoms similar to an allergic reaction.
The intake of histamine-rich foods, alcohol, and medications that release histamine or block DAO can lead to;
* diarrhea
* headache
* runny nose
* skin problems
* breathing problems (asthma)
* arrhythmias
* low blood pressure and even anaphylactic shock.
Symptoms can be reduced by a histamine-free diet and the use of antihistamines.


Marjo Jacobs

Marjo Jacobs

onJul 27, 2023

I am now taking Rupafin. Is a DAO test not reliable then?

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