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What must a blood collection site meet?

More and more companies are asking what the blood collection location should meet, so that we can draw blood from their staff on company premises

The guidelines are as follows:

Client privacy is ensured, i.e. informational privacy regarding personal data and spatial privacy during blood collection.

Blood collection will take place in the presence of others unless the patient does not consent.

Blood collection takes place in a quiet, clean and well-lit room.
The blood collection room has chairs with requirements for comfort and safety for the patient and user-friendliness for the blood collection worker.
This includes, for example, height adjustability of the chair, the possibility to put the chair in a horizontal position in case of unwellness of the patient and the presence of an armrest that is height adjustable .

The blood collection worker also has a chair at his/her disposal. The room has a washbasin for washing and drying hands. Hand hygiene is possible by using soap and water or hand alcohol. An armrest is available to position the arm if necessary.

In connection with corona, the competent and skilled blood collection staff are extra protected with mouth masks and goggles. The following applies to the person who has the blood drawn:
  • Don't go if you have any complaints
  • Look away during blood collection and do not talk to the person taking the blood during collection

The virus is most likely not transmissible through blood, but is transmissible through saliva droplets.
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