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Can you have free T3 tested without knowing the total T3?

Question from Jessica: I just ordered free T3, but does this say anything if you don't know the total T3?

FT3 is a modern way of measuring because this test gives more information.
But because some doctors are always used to total T3 and know its reference values, the measurement of total T3 is even more established.
Most of the T3 hormone binds to proteins in the blood.
A small amount of hormone is readily available.
This is indicated by the letter F from free = free.
FT3 = free T3.

In a number of GP laboratories, the determination of total T3 (TT3) has also already been replaced by the free T3 (FT3).
For routine thyroid diagnostics, only the determination of TSH and FT4 is done.
The FT3 is measured as a follow-up to unexplained combinations of thyroid values (e.g., normal FT4 and decreased TSH).
T3 is the thyroid hormone active at the tissue level and is largely derived from local conversion from T4.
T3, like T4, is strongly bound to TBG and albumin and is thus subject to the same variations as total T4.
As with T4, only the free fraction is active and thus better reflects current thyroid status than total T4 or total T3.


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