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Can my lab result be added to the corona-check app?

Question from Hester: Meanwhile the corona app has been created. Is it possible that you pass on the lab results of me and my husband and possibly my clients to the RIVM/GGD, so that it is recorded that we had corona in March? I had originally understood that you would always inform the RIVM when an infection was passed on, but apparently that is not recorded in their database.

A: We have made every effort to get the results of the ELISA serological antibodies to SARS-Cov-2 tests into the corona app, but the Ministry is indicating to us that:

The antibody tests are not valid for the corona-check app, the reason being that by doing so they do not know how long it has been since someone had covid-19.

Strange because having antibodies says more than a positive PCR test from less than six months ago. But we're not getting through it, unfortunately.

Covid-19 is a notifiable disease, so in case of a positive PCR test we report it to RIVM see:https://www.bloodtesting.nl/service/meldingsplichtige-infectieziekten/

There is no procedure or option for reporting antibodies to the GGD or RIVM.

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