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Homa ir value in keto diet

Question from Ben: The homa value is 1.8, I'm not sure if the area between 1 and 2 is also abnormal, or does it fluctuate very easily? And does it matter that I am on a keto diet for a month, and thus in ketosis? With this result would it be advisable to do it again if I follow a normal diet, or is this a fairly stable value?

A: With a ketogenic diet, the body is often in a glucose refusal mode and you are insulin sensitive. Your diet may be the cause of this so. I would measure it again if you are following a normal diet. It is all about the relationship between glucose and insulin and how they work together. This is called the homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance or HOMA-IR. It simply means that the body is always trying to keep its essential systems in balance. Insulin works against glucose in an attempt to keep blood sugar levels stable, also known as homeostasis.

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