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How can I test if I am fertile?

Question by Feike: We are a couple who want to start having children in about 1,5 years. But because I am already 35+, have had chlamydia etc. we actually want to know if I am less fertile.
So whether the fallopian tubes are still open and whether I have enough eggs etc. I don't think I'll get a referral from the GP because we're not trying to get pregnant yet.
What can you guys test while I still have my IUD in? And what could you guys test when I have my IUD taken out?

A: If you have an IUD that gives off some hormone then it will affect the tests you do and you may get false positive results.
Without a coil, you could check for the following values.
  • Estradiol (17-ß-) (E2) (serum)
  • Progesterone (serum)
  • LH Hormone (serum)
  • FSH (serum)
  • Prolactin (serum)
  • AMH (anti Muller hormone) (serum)






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