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How is it possible that the reference values differ from a previous result?

Question from Hilco: I have received my results. I had the test done before (via my GP) and now I see that your results show very different reference values. Is this correct?

Answer: The reference values depend on which equipment cq manufacturer and reagents are used.

If a laboratory changes methods or manufacturers, the reference values will also be adjusted.

So you should always look at the reference values reported on your lab report at that time.

These belong to the test that was deployed at that time.

We cannot and should not make any statements about studies that have not been done at our facility.

If you have a blood test, there is always an explanatory letter with such a test.

If something worrisome is going on you will be called in advance and you can always use the consultations of our partners.

Which can be found here

Here you will see our lab's certificate, which you can use to convince the hospital that you have taken a reliable test.


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