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How reliable is the test for Herpes virus?

Question from André: How reliable is the test? Because I see on the internet that the blood tests for the herpes virus are not recommended, as it also traces to chicken pox etc. Is your test reliable and can you explain this? So that I can order a test from you. The doctors also advise against it, but maybe you guys have a different approach?

A: The test is quite reliable. With this test you can see if there are antibodies in the blood against the Herpes virus. It is performed by immunoassay ( ECLIA). It only detects infections that occurred more than six months ago.

For an acute infection, it is still advisable to have the policy performed through your primary care physician. The first choice for detecting the virus is the nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). A swab can be used to go along the base of the lesion or the fluid of a vesicle.

With us you can order several types of tests for Herpes, including tests that can distinguish the type of antibodies appropriate to the type of herpes virus.



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