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Which medications do you get (severe) side effects from?

Drug side effects DNA test
When it comes to medications, it is not always easy to know what dosage is best for you and what side effects to expect. This is because there are individual differences in the speed at which medications are processed in the body. Fortunately, a DNA test through bloodvaluestest.co.uk can help with this.

DNA test for drug sensitivity

The iGene Health DNA test from Bloodtesting.nl is a simple and painless saliva test that allows you to discover how your body responds to medication. The report you receive after taking the test contains pharmacogenetic information. This means it looks for DNA variations that affect the activity of enzymes and transport proteins. This can provide insight into sensitivity to certain medications and which dosage is best for you.

Not only if you're already on medication, also preventively

By identifying your drug sensitivity through a DNA test, doctors and pharmacists can immediately choose the right drug and dosage. This can promote the healing process and reduce the risk of side effects. The pharmacogenetic report prepared after a DNA test can easily be shared with your doctor or pharmacy. This way, your personal drug sensitivity can be taken into account.

The insight gained from a DNA test is important not only for people who are currently taking medications, but also for future use. In fact, you may need medications in the future that you don't know now if you are sensitive to. By taking a DNA test, you can prevent this and be prepared for it.

The iGene Health DNA test; how does it actually work?

The iGene Health DNA test is a reliable and scientifically based test offered through bloodtesting.nl. You will receive an iGene DNA kit at home with which you will take a DNA sample. You return this with the provided return envelope. Your DNA is then analyzed in a medical laboratory and after 4 to 6 weeks the iGene Gene Passport is ready. You can access the results with the iGene app or download them as a pdf report.

And the great thing is that this report contains much more information based on your DNA. Think of personal characteristics, but also genetic predisposition for diseases, linked to relevant preventive lifestyle advice. What's nice is that this DNA test works with a saliva test (and is therefore completely painless) and only needs to be performed once because your DNA always remains the same!

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Should you have any questions?

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