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Are you a healthy entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is about mapping out your own path. Looking ahead. Not only financially, but also in terms of your physical/mental health!

Geert has been a successful entrepreneur for twenty years, but has been suffering from abdominal pain for months. At first he thought it was because he did not always eat healthy. However, even after he started paying conscious attention to healthy eating, the symptoms persisted. His doctor even advised him to go on a diet so that the symptoms would go away. After Geert's check-up, he finally knows where his complaints come from.

"I've never been the healthiest eater, but I do sport structurally every week and nevertheless feel that I am paying attention to my health. However, I didn't succeed in finding out for myself where the stomach ache was coming from and slowly I also started suffering more and more from headaches, drowsiness and sleeplessness. Thanks to the 'Entrepreneurial Check-Up' I finally know that my vitamin D intake is too low. Since I know this I have started to pay much more attention to my diet and I feel happier, fitter and just feel good about myself again. I've learned a lot and now know what I can do to stay symptom free.

Are you healthy? Do you know what happens to the company if you become incapacitated?
Test your health, completely anonymous and make a start for a healthier lifestyle.
The test only takes 10 minutes of your time and takes place in your area (800 locations in the Netherlands) whenever you want.

Special offer

Do the 'Entrepreneur Check-Up' now for only €239,- and enjoy a 30% discount!
With this unique concept you never pay too much, you always receive a unique advice for follow-up tests that are useful in addition to the test you have chosen.

Do you want to know, just like Geert, where your complaints come from and what you need to do to go through life symptom free? Or do you have no complaints, but would rather prevent than cure?

Watch the video of Geert below and walk with a medical through her results!


Do you have complaints just like Geert? The "Entrepreneur Check-up" is the perfect solution. Through innovative and extensive blood analysis, this complete medical check-up compares your blood on 26 points with the applicable references for a healthy person of your gender and age. Curious about Geert's results? Take a look and find out if the test is something for you too!

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Duidelijk en Snel

I found the instructions I was given to be very clear. I got a quick result, so I'm very satisfied

S.E. Paardekooper


Fast delivery and quick results, really nothing to complain about.


Top systeem!

Good price, fast delivery and almost immediately able to prick. Top arrangement! Also quickly the results with clear explanations!




Online consultation with a doctor

Included in the package is a telephone consultation with a doctor. Here you will hear the results and all the ins and outs of your tests from a medical specialist. In addition, the specialist will help you decide on the next steps to be taken.

Tax deductible

A Preventive Medical Examination is tax deductible as an expense. The costs are related to the continuation of the business. For this, the cost of the examination and the benefit of the business are proportional.

Comparison on 26 points

This medical check-up compares your blood on 26 points with the applicable references for a healthy person of your gender and age. Think of problems with kidneys, liver, intestines. But also things like vitamin D deficiency, osteoporosis and cholesterol.


Would you like to get rid of those annoying symptoms just like Geert? Then take the 'Entrepreneur Check-up' and get advice from a specialised doctor.

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Your information is safe with us

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to order a test?

Anyone aged 18 years or older may take a blood test. For children under 18 please contact us by phone (085 - 065 37 47) or by mail (info@bloodtesting.nl)

Is it anonymous?

Bloodtesting.nl will never give your results to the insurance company or your doctor. You will receive the blood tubes at the address you provided, they have a barcode that communicates with your test, but nobody can find out what is being tested, only the lab system. The results will only be sent to the email address you provide. You can also place the order under another name, but do not change your date of birth, because the results are related to your gender and age.

I have ordered a test, what now?

You will receive the examination kit 1 business day after your order. In the meantime, you will be linked to a lancing station by our appointments office.

Do I have to be sober for the shot?

Most tests do not require you to be sober. If you need to be completely sober, it will be stated with the test.
If your blood levels are good, they will be good even if you are not sober.

Do you want to be on the safe side, for the best result regarding;
cholesterol (fat profile) and
liver function
then we have the following dietary advice for you:

Starting the night before your appointment, do not have coffee after 11:00 pm and no dairy products (such as milk, buttermilk or yogurt). No fried foods and no alcoholic beverages. For breakfast and/or lunch, have a maximum of 2 slices of wholemeal bread spread with, for example, low-fat meat products, without butter. Drink water or tea without milk or sugar. Do not eat sweets, fruit or dairy products.

I took a blood sample. Now what?

You put the tubes filled with blood in the provided medical mailing material and put it in the mail. You can do this in your orange mailbox or you can drop it off at a PostNL collection point. You don't have to stamp the mail anymore, we have already done that for you. When it is extremely hot/cold, it is advisable to put the tubes in the bus just before PostNL collects them or to drop them off at a collection location. Keep blood at room temperature and urine in the fridge.

How do I receive my results?

You will receive your results in a PDF document by email. If the result of a test is extremely low or high and immediate medical intervention is required, you will be contacted for consultation before receiving the results. Other abnormal values are indicated with an arrow up for a high value and/or an arrow down for a low value. A urine and/or blood test remains a snapshot, sometimes it is wise to repeat the tests after a month, which can be improved. In case of medical complaints you should always consult your doctor.