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Jaarbeurs in Utrecht

Meet the Experts

at The National Health Fair

Stand E45 of Bloodtesting.nl Hall 1

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National Health Fair 2020

Exhibitions 2020

Jubilee test

  • Special hospital tests not available from your GP:

    € 79,-

    Blood tests that actually measure if there is a deficiency in your cells.

    Magnesium intracellular +

    Active Vitamin B12 holo tc +

    Folic acid intracellular

    Medical Check-up

  • Cheapest on the market25


    € 79,-

    To quickly know the state of your general health. This complete medical check-up compares your blood on 25 points with the applicable references for a healthy person of your gender and age.

    Food Intolerance

  • What? -May-Ik-Eat

    food intolerance test


    With food intolerance, the cause often goes unnoticed because the symptoms only appear after a few days. The ImuPro food allergy test can help to detect

    € 1150,-
    € 99,-

    The National Health Check-up

    The National Health Check-up compares your blood to the appropriate references for someone of your gender and age. It examines your kidneys, liver, inflammation, risk of heart disease, lipid metabolism, diabetes and anemia, thyroid and fluid balance. Any deficiency in vitamin D3 or B12 will be revealed and your urine will be examined.
    € 1150,-


    DNA-Expert Nutrition and Weight

    Personal nutrition and weight loss advice following your DNA Analysis

    Scholarship offer: FREE personal results in book form

  • €265,-


    Igene Passport DNA Test (NL)

    With an iGene Passport you can easily gain insight into your genetic predisposition for various disorders.

    This test set also includes MTHFR and tells about your sensitivity to certain medications nav your DNA profile.

    You will receive information about your personal hereditary characteristics and how you can respond to this with nutrition and lifestyle.

  • At the stand of Bloodtesting.nl you could meet the following specialists and experts:

    • Ellen Tiben, Hormone Factor Trainer, has hashimoto's disease herself and coaches people with thyroid problems.
    • Michael van Gils, Beter Kliniek, the clinic for integral medicine that bridges the gap between regular and non-regular medicine
    • Dennis Spronk: Vegan athlete, explains how you can use Insidetracker and your blood values to improve your training and nutrition schedule.
    • Dr. Marike Jacobs (immunologist), Elske Lenis (nutrition scientist) and Roy Haan (founder). The scientists behind the Dutch DNA test iGene.
    • Dr. Hajo Auwerda: internist of the B12 clinic. The specialist in the Netherlands in the field of B12 deficiency.
    • Dr. Ir. Julia Schantl, intestinal therapist, knows all about the intestines and intestinal tests. See also this interview with her about the leaky gut. Health comes from your gut.
    • Vera Kamphorst, Happy Hashimoto, certified expert in thyroid problems
    • Thomas van Eindhoven, Viome, intestinal microbiome with app.
    • Maurice Pelsers, Clinical Biochemist, Dr. Stein Medical Laboratory & Colleagues.