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What... If you can take a 'selfie'

of the inside of your body?


Of the 3,000 biomarkers, the 41 most important blood values for your health were chosen.
from which the most important nutrients for you are selected based on your sport and your blood values.
have donated their data; from these, the data has been analyzed to calculate the optimal zone for you.
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Over 1,100 people give Blood Values Test a whopping 8.8. Fast delivery and excellent service are the main points.

InsideTracker of Blood Value Test

Blood Value Test is the largest supplier of Blood Tests for Individuals.

Our mission is: "To give people insight in their health, so they can improve their vitality". Blood Values Test represents the scientifically based InsideTracker for the Benelux, the dashboard for healthy people.

InsideTracker is the leader in personalized health analytics.


Pick your plan and get your blood drawn!


Fill in your data/goals

at InsideTracker.


Receive your personal action plan.


Make the recommended changes!

You can't improve what you don't measure

Increase the knowledge of your body

and make your points of improvement clear!

Scientifically substantiated

Improve your health based on science!

Targeted work on health and performance

Your blood doesn't lie. It's measured by an official hospital lab.

Make up for your deficits

by diet or supplementation

You can enter your blood values from the doctor

Set up your own health dashboard based on the results at the doctor's office.

Follow your personal nutrition plan

Measure your progress and the effect.

Optimise your health with the science of your blood values

The InsideTracker team spent 4 years analyzing thousands of research and scientific reports. They were able to reduce the 3,000 biomarkers you can measure to the 41 most important to improve your health and examined what food, supplements, lifestyle, sports and exercises you can improve your blood values.

Promotion price

The normal price is € 589,-. Temporarily this InsideTracker can be ordered for only € 295.

How does it work?

Place your order at Bloodtesting.nl and receive your personal test set in the mail.

Have your blood taken at one of our 800 blood collection points in the Netherlands.

❖ Get your code for InsideTracker and log in for your blood results.
❖ Record your target values, set your sports schedule, formulate your health goals online.

The InsideTracker Database calculates your personal advice.

Follow this advice and improve your performance.

Convinced? Start today!