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(Blood) test cannabis and alcohol use for CBR

At Blood Values Test, the individual can go for testing in their area. You as a psychiatrist will receive the results by mail within 1 working week.

CBR (blood) testing at Bloedwaardentest.nl

In order to request these and other tests easily throughout the Netherlands, with a fast delivery time, we hereby ask if you would like to receive the personal request form for these tests without any obligation.

You can then use this form for your clients. We will arrange for the individual to make payment for the lab test and take care of the blood collection in the area. We will link your desired email address for sending the results, so you will receive the results within a working week at your desired email address.

Send an email to info@bloedwaardentest.nl and we will send you a proposal for your CBR drug test application form. We would also like to know in this message at which email address you want to receive the results.

How does it work?

You fill out the client's request form. The client mails it to Bloedwaardentest.nl
The client receives the test kit and takes it at one of many locations throughout the Netherlands.
The client sends the test kit to the lab with included shipping materials.

Within 1 working week, the results will be sent to the one-time email address associated with your application form.

Possible Investigations


from blood


CBR alcohol test

from blood


CBR Drug Screening

from blood and urine


drug testing by the piece loose

from urine


For blood collection in the vicinity of the person's place of residence, there is an additional charge of €19.90 including VAT for blood collection and postage.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


085-065 37 47

We provide:

Telephone helpdesk during office hours

Help desk about delivery time, blood collection, for person concerned. Outside office hours we can be reached via email for the person concerned, response time within an office day.

A dedicated results line is available to psychiatrists for questions.

Payment by person concerned

We completely unburden you as a psychiatrist, you only need to charge the consultations to the person involved or CBR.

Dispatch of test kit to individual

  • (paid before 11am, same day on letter mail).
  • Always the right collection material, bar-coded by type of examination, identity of the person involved and result to you.
  • Referral letter to individual for collection in his/her area.

  • Based on CBR instructions and procedures, the identity is checked, the material is taken and the material is sent by medical mail to the CBR certified laboratory Dr. Stein & Collegae.
  • Results sent to the email address provided by you within 5 working days

    Within 5 working days of receiving the material at the lab, you will receive the results by mail.

    Confirmation tests for positive urine tests, as requested by CBR, are performed.

    If client has to pay himself, this will be taken care of by Blood Value Test.