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Requesting an examination for driver's license retesting

result is sent to your psychiatrist within one working week after blood or urine collection

How does it work?

Mail your referral from the CBR or


Email your referral letter to info@bloodtesting.nl. Based on this you will receive (if applicable) a payment request. You can find the amounts below.

Receive the test kit at home

We will customize the test kit for you and send it to you. You will also receive by email the referral and location for the blood collection.

Purchasing in your area

Go to our designated location. Bring your ID; your blood and or urine will be drawn and taken. The results will be sent to your psychiatrist.

Possible Investigations


from blood


CBR alcohol test

from blood


CBR Drug Screening

from blood and urine


drug testing by the piece loose

from urine


For blood collection there is an additional €19.90

In the event of a positive urine test, a confirmation test follows.

For a health declaration this costs an additional €97.