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Prevent illness with this personal dietary advice

based on your DNA profile

Do you also want to live longer and healthier thanks to your DNA profile?

This DNA test will show you how to eat healthily based on your genes, allowing you to make targeted lifestyle changes in order to live as long, healthy, fit and happy as possible.

We look at which nutrients are important to you according to your DNA and which substances you should avoid.

Our leading laboratory, Progenom, has examined 1,000 foods over the past few years to find out what substances they contain.

Based on your results, you will receive a clear overview of which food products are good for you personally and which you should avoid as much as possible.

A personal nutrition plan that will benefit you for life, because your DNA will not change.

This latest development, called nutrigenetics, is all about eating healthy based on your genes.


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personalized recipes


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The best laboratory selected for you

As the founder of Blood Values Test, a company that has been marketing the most reliable official medical laboratory tests to consumers for over 5 years, I started looking for the best DNA tests. The time is now, the technology has become reliable and affordable. We have selected the best DNA lab for you. Progenom adheres strictly to the European privacy legislation. With our team of DNA experts we are ready to answer your questions.

Ellen van Gijsel

Director and founder Bloodtesting.nl and DNA-Expert.nl

Why do you choose DNA-Expert Nutrition?

From now on you know which food is healthy for you

You hear from everyone what is healthy and what is not. Each time you hear another advice about what is healthy and what is not. You want to know once and for all, what is healthy for me? So no one can fool you anymore.

From now on you know which food supplements to take

You take hundreds of euros per year in food supplements, but are they really necessary for you, or is it just a waste of money? Would you finally like to know what would be good for you? Or which supplements might even have the opposite effect on you?

Live longer and healthier

Your DNA shows which diseases you are predisposed to, but that doesn't mean you can't do something about it. You can prevent the diseases or defects that are locked in your genes from actually occurring by applying the right diet and lifestyle in time. In this way you reduce the chance that the disease or disorder, which is present in your genes, will emerge.

A clear result

The result is in Dutch (or if desired in English or German).

The result is a PDF document, but can also be ordered as a personal book (additional cost)

In addition to the results of your DNA test, you will also receive advice on which foods are healthy for you in a clear overview.

Tailor-made food supplements

It is also possible, if you want to take food supplements, to have them specially composed according to your DNA recipe. The loose grains you need on a daily basis can then be taken with a scoop. (additional cost)

Free access to 800 recipes based on your genes

Choose from more than 800 recipes based on your genes

15,000 ingredients and 140,000 branded products

Automatically create shopping lists based on your genes.

on your own health dashboard.

Why they chose DNA-Expert Nutrition:

I have a business and feel responsible for my staff. I also want to enjoy life long and healthy. I know health is not for sale, but if I can influence it and lower my hereditary risks I will gladly pay for a once in a lifetime review of which nutrients are good for me and which are not.


As a result of my DNA test I received NutriMe in small handy sachets. Because I travel a lot for my job this is very handy. I just put it in my handbag and nothing stands in the way of your healthy daily vitamin boost!

According to my latest blood results and my doctor, I have the right levels of micronutrients. Thank you!


Why did I order? I feel stronger and calmer when I take the foods from my DNA research. I am trying to avoid Alzheimer's. They say vitamin B, magnesium and zinc help prevent Alzheimer's. My mother got diabetes and later Alzheimer's. Maybe it can be prevented because what we eat is important.


Download free food list example results

Here you can read what part of your DNA test results may look like.