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Lose weight with this personal nutrition advice

based on your DNA profile

We say it every day; 'she has no talent for being fat'. Or, "I put on weight just looking at it.

But did you know that you can chart exactly which nutrients make you fat and which don't?

Do you also want to lose or gain weight using your DNA profile?

With this DNA test you will discover how you can influence your weight based on your genes. By eating more of the products that don't make you feel any better and less of the products that make you feel overweight, you can eat the same amount without feeling hungry and still lose weight.

You can use this to adjust your diet in a targeted way, in order to lose weight quickly and responsibly.

Our leading laboratory, Progenom, has examined 1,000 foods over the past few years to find out what substances they contain.

Based on your results, you will receive a clear overview of which food products will cause you to be overweight and which ones you can eat because they will not make you gain weight.

A personal diet plan that will benefit you for life, because your DNA will not change.

This latest development, called nutrigenetics, involves eating based on your genes.


SNPs tested




personalized recipes


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The best laboratory selected for you

As the founder of Blood Values Test, a company that has been marketing the most reliable official medical laboratory tests to consumers for over 5 years, I started looking for the best DNA tests. The time is now, the technology has become reliable and affordable. We have selected the best DNA lab for you. Progenom strictly adheres to the European privacy legislation. With our team of DNA experts we are ready to answer your questions.

Ellen van Gijsel

Director and founder Bloodtesting.nl and DNA-Expert.nl

Why do you choose for DNA-Expert Weight?

From now on you will know which foods cause you to become overweight

You hear from everyone what is healthy and what is not. Every time you hear another advice about how you can best lose weight. You want to know once and for all, what makes me gain weight? So no one can fool you anymore.

Low-carb or protein shakes?

You take hundreds of euros a year in food supplements, but are they really necessary for you, or is it just a waste of money? Would you finally like to know what would be good for you? Or which supplements might even have the opposite effect on you?

Sports advice for gaining or losing weight

Which sport is best for you to lose weight? That also depends on your genes. Some people lose weight most quickly by exercising, while for others exercising has little effect. Where do you loose the most weight; by calorieëor by exercising? And what kind of sport, strength sport or endurance sport?

A clear result

The result is in Dutch (or if desired in English or German).

The result is a PDF document, but can also be ordered as a personalised book (additional cost).

In addition to the results of your DNA test, you will also receive advice on which foods are healthy for you in a clear overview.

Tailor-made food supplements

It is also possible, if you want to support your weight loss program, to take a supplement that is specially formulated according to your DNA recipe. The separate grains that you need on a daily basis can then be taken with a scoop (additional cost).

Free access to 800 recipes based on your genes

Choose over 800 recipes based on your genes.

15,000 ingredients and 140,000 branded products.

Automatically create shopping lists based on your genes. On your own health dashboard.

Why they chose DNA Expert Weight:

The program not only helped me reduce my weight, I also gained a good understanding of my physical weaknesses. Surprisingly, it's not necessary to eat little, but what you eat is important. Since I'm not really a fan of exercising, I was glad that small activities were mentioned as well (e.g. household chores).


When I started working with the results of the DNA test, I rarely felt hungry. It is easy to apply this at work or when you are out and about, you don't have to keep explaining to your friends that you are on a "diet". This way it is "easy" to lose weight. I'm pleasantly surprised, when you stick mainly to the green products on your food list, you automatically lose weight.


I have tried many diets so far. None of them really worked. It's a lot easier with DNA Weight to eat healthy and well, even if you have a busy job. The recipes from the menu portal are quick and easy to prepare. I had lost so much weight after only three weeks that I could fit into a size smaller.


Download free sample results

Here you can read what part of your DNA test results may look like.

What questions are answered by this research?

  • What can you eat without problems and what should you avoid?
  • Eight genes are tested in this analysis, which provides answers to questions about obesity and weight loss:
  • Your genetic predisposition to obesity!
  • Is obesity in you caused by fat?
  • In your case, is obesity caused by carbohydrates?
  • How strong is the risk of the yo-yo effect for you?
  • Is fat deposited around your organs?
  • How intense is your hunger feeling?
  • How quickly do you feel full after eating food?
  • Do you tend to consume a lot of calories because of your genes?
  • Do you tend to eat several small bites because of your genes?
  • How effective is calorie reduction (eating less) for weight loss?
  • How much muscle mass do you lose by reducing calories?
  • What relationship between strength and endurance sports is best for you?