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seroconversion covid-19 antibody test

People who already have IgA antibodies, but have not yet tested IgG positive are best advised to do a check-up after 1 -2 weeks to see if there is seroconversion.

Seropositive means that antibodies have been detected in the blood against a Covid-19. This means that you have been in contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 infection and your immune system has produced antibodies against it. You can be seropositive when an infection is present, but also when an infection has already healed.

When a person has not produced antibodies, this is called seronegative. When a person contracts an infection and starts making antibodies as a result and goes from being seronegative to being seropositive, this is called seroconversion.

In the case of the new corona virus, it is not yet entirely clear
  • how the conversion proceeds over time
  • if you're immune to covid-19 if you have antibodies.
  • how long you stay immune if you have covid-19 antibodies.

The IgM antibodies, which it may appear after 10 days, are too similar to other influenza viruses, making this test unreliable to detect COVID-19 antibodies. Therefore, we test IgA antibodies and IgG antibodies with the ELISA blood test, for the highest possible reliability.
Linda Vanhoutte

Linda Vanhoutte

at 19 Jan 2022

What I don't understand is that individuals who have gone through the infection and can demonstrate that they effectively have that conversion, pointed out by a blood test, that individuals do not get a Covidsafe certificate from the government. Why would you need to be vaccinated if your body has made antibodies of its own. Surely you would think that this is always better than inserting a foreign object into your body ???? Someone please explain that to me. Who says that a person who was vaccinated is also equally protected and protected for as long ???? And infection remains with ANYONE: conversion or not.

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