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June 14, 2016
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Consultation with a physician from Bloodtesting.nl

I'm Franka, I'm 52 years old and I go for an annual check-up at Bloodworths Test. This time I chose for the National Health Check-up, supplemented with the blood test for iron accumulation, because that runs in my family. I also do the IFOBT test every year, to see if I have any polyps in my colon. Colorectal cancer almost always develops from a polyp in the intestinal wall. A polyp is a benign tumor. Polyps can be malignant. A malignant growth is cancer. So I prefer to be on time. I already have my breasts checked regularly, but after breast cancer, cancer of the colon is the most common type of cancer in the Netherlands.

Most common types of cancer

Course of the blood test

Soon I got my supplies in the bus for my blood, urine and poop test. For the blood test I could go every morning in my village. A week after I had put my blood and other collected material in the mailbox in our street, as medical mail, I got my results and explanation by email.

The results

Because I had indicated that I would like to discuss my results with a doctor, I received a telephone call from Dr Erwteman the following evening. Unfortunately I was not at home, but he left a message on my voice mail saying that he would call back the next evening. He was a very nice man who calmly went through the results with me.

Because my mother, brother and sister live in France and have annual check-ups there, I knew that there are certain blood values in the family that are a risk to your health. I discussed this with Dr Erwteman. We also discussed whether my elevated liver value could be related to the medicine I am taking.

In short, personal advice that gives me insight into my health and keeps me motivated to continue with my healthy lifestyle.

Doctor Erwteman advised me to check certain blood values again after a year. I am certainly going to do that!

Doctor Erwteman during the meet & greet at the National Health Fair:


About the author
Ellen is the founder of Blood Values Test. She gained her experience with health examinations for companies, schools and government institutions at HumanCapitalCare arbo- en gezondheidsdienst. In 2009 she became director of Diagnostics Netherlands, a collaboration between all major general practitioners laboratories in the Netherlands. At the U- Diagnostics laboratory in Utrecht, she was responsible for blood testing at GP surgeries. Until she founded Blood Values Test for individuals in 2013.
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